Child poverty up 74 percent in Macomb County

A recent report was released shinning light on child poverty in Macomb County with an increase of 74 percent in the past nine years. According to the MISD reports there are more than 1,400 county students that have no home to go to at the end of the school day. With constant improvement still needed Macomb County has made strides with nearly 96 percent of county children having access to health care. Macomb County was also among the best in child abuse prevention categories. To read the full story click here.


Macomb County's Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives

Macomb's diversity and inclusion initiatives was sparked by a comprehensive study titled, "The New Macomb County" prepared in partnership with Macomb Community College, Macomb County and Data Driven Detroit in 2012 that documented our changing demographics and the need to embrace our current and future make up of citizens that make Macomb their home. NewMacombReport2012.pdf


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